Romping Around At Old Navy

If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time then you know one of my favorite places to shop is Old Navy. This isn’t a sponsored post, by the way, I just happen to love their clothes!

And I especially love their good deals.

Last week I bought my first romper, and I am in love. It’s a lightweight fabric, which is perfect for summer in Alabama, and while it definitely shows off more of my shoulders than I usually do, I feel comfortable in it. I especially love it paired with a short-sleeve cardi, to deal with the air-conditioning!  
 This romper is a size XXL and while it’s a little loose, I felt more comfortable in it than something more form-fitting.
I also found this peplum blouse in the clearance area and snatched it up immediately. Admittedly, I have far too many black-and-white blouses in my wardrobe, but they come in so handy. You can pair them with any color, with skirts, capris, jeans, etc. Paired with a brightly colored necklace, you can dress this blouse up for work or make it casual on the weekend.  Here are a couple items I did not purchase, but I really loved!

This dress is so sweet. I love the blue-and-white color palette — it’s so airy and beachy. The cut of this dress is super-flattering for any body shape. This is the XXL size, and I think it fit like a glove. I may go back and grab it soon! It could easily pair with a cardi or a jean jacket come fall.  I also loved this printed T with the cool cutout in the back. Little details like this can take a casual shirt for weekends up a notch and express a little something extra. This shirt comes in the opposite coloring, too — predominately black with white accents.

 Here’s another item I left at the store that I am still thinking about: soft pants. I’ve been coveting a pair of palazzo pants since last summer and these are very similar to the ones I had found at TJ Maxx and then sadly didn’t buy. My issue is: what do I wear with these? A plain T-shirt seems too casual — I’d feel like I’m wearing pajamas! So a structured shirt seems logical … but what? Any ideas? There’s still a sale at Old Navy going on, so I hope you find something you’d like to have to spice up your summer wardrobe!

What’s your go-to store for budget-friendly clothes?


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