30 Things I Love Right Now

This week See Jane Write founder Javacia gave us a writing prompt that is a fun way to learn what other bloggers are into at this moment — and I wanted to join in the fun! Here are 30 things that I’m loving now: 1) All The Light We Cannot See — I can’t put it down! | 2) Trying paddle boarding for the first time. paddle board 3) The color coral. | 4) “Shotgun Rider” by Tim McGraw. | 5) Losing weight again thanks to rejoining Weight Watchers. (More details to come!) | 6) Eggs. Especially scrambled eggs with salsa. | 7) My new shoes from Macy’s. shoes 8) Sh’bam dance class at Gold’s Gym. | 9) Rose gold jewelry. It may not be trendy anymore, but I’m still in love. | 10) Reruns of “The Big Bang Theory.” | 11) Amy Schumer. | 12) Comic book movies. | 13) Freshly washed sheets. | 14) My niece’s smile. | 15) Laughing Cow cheese. | 16) Getting a reprieve from the Alabama heat while visiting family in upstate NY. | 17) Crossing things off my to-do list. | 18) Making to-do lists. | 19) Making a hair appointment for the first time in six months. | 20) Swimming laps. This new-to-me workout will stick! | 21) Late-night talks with my sister. | 22) Daily texts with my husband. | 23) Editing other writers’ words. | 24) Red pens. | 25)  Nivea In-Shower Lotion. | 26) Trying to kayak for the first time. | 27) Fishing. fishing 28) Pedicures. | 29) Bathing suit selfies. | 30) Learning that I don’t need to be embarrassed to show myself in a bathing suit!swimsuit


8 thoughts on “30 Things I Love Right Now

  1. c.a. Marks

    YOU ARE AWESOME! I love your “moxie” too. 😉 Oh, I am also lovin’ on scrambled eggs with salsa!


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