Fashion Friday: Travel In Style

I may lose a few fans for saying this, but please, please don’t look this disheveled when you travel.

I love Mila, but her fabulous bag doesn’t make up for those sweats!

OK, I get it, you’re comfortable. When you’re dashing to the airport, waiting to board your flight, and then crammed into the tin can like teens at the front row of a Justin Bieber concert, I’m sure you don’t care much about your appearance.

But with a little effort, you can still be comfortable when traveling, look stylish and, dare I say it, presentable.

Because seriously. We’ve all seen people looking pretty sad at airports. Wearing slippers. Pajama pants. Did they even bother to brush their hair? I hope they brushed their teeth!

Here’s what I wore on Tuesday returning home from a family trip to upstate N.Y. I had a one-hour drive to the airport, then a 2-hour flight, a 2-hour layover, another 2-hour flight. By the time I got home, my hair was in a ponytail, my earrings discarded in my bag, but I still looked presentable, yes?

travel clothesPeplum top {similar here} | capris pants from Lane Bryant | shoes from Macy’s

The point is, you can take basics that look put together and still have an outfit that gets you through your travels. Here are a few tips:

1. Wear pants that aren’t too tight. You’ll probably feel bloated from air travel anyway, so skinny jeans that cut off your circulation will just get on your nerves. A long skirt is also a good choice for travel.

2. Dress in layers. I tend to get warm on flights, and then freezing! So I start out with short sleeves, and I bring a cardigan or wrap with me, even in 90-degree weather.

3. Stylish shoes can be comfortable. Funky sneakers are a great choice. These sandals I’m wearing are Easy Spirit, so the arch support is helpful and the wedge isn’t too high.

Here are a few more necessities to keep on you while traveling:

wallet with ID, credit cards & boarding passes | powder compact for quick touch-ups | hand lotion to combat dry skin from awful public bathroom soap | nail file — I hate breaking a nail on the go! | lip balm to combat dry lips | wrap or cardigan | Dramamine for motion sickness

Not pictured: cellphone | iPad or Kindle | phone charger | bottled water purchased after security or empty water bottle to fill at water fountain | tissues | gum or chewy candy for landing

It helps to have a nice-size tote to carry your goodies in so you can either also carry on a suitcase or have less to carry if you check your bag. And a wallet that doubles as a clutch is a great idea! (As are thin cross-body bags you can easily stuff in your suitcase for when needed on your trip.)

Now next time I see you at the airport, I hope you’ll be comfy and stylish!


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Travel In Style

  1. tlsylvan

    I travel a good amount for work, and I am *totally* the girl in running tights and a sweatshirt 😉 I am also the most comfortable person taking a nap on the dirty dirty floor when my flight is inevitably delayed. But I leave again for a cross-country trip on Monday, and I’ll try to take your tips into account and look a little more presentable! Thanks for this!

  2. Budding Fashionista

    I like to try and travel in style as well! comfy, but in style. i think people do so much people watching, i’d rather leave a positive impression than a negative one. you never know who you’ll run into! I once sat next to the director of a music label and he gave us free passes to a Magic Johnson party in Miami!


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