Weight Watchers: Just Call It A Comeback

OK, I know those aren’t LL’s real lyrics, it’s a play on words people! Because it definitely is a comeback for me.

About three weeks ago I decided I needed more structure when it comes to my eating habits — I needed to knock out some bad habits and reestablish better ones. I was using MyFitnessPal to track calories … sometimes. But I didn’t feel like I was being rigid enough with myself. I wasn’t measuring, I was eating too many meals out, and I just wasn’t seeing any progress in terms of movement on the scale.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know my philosophy when it comes to weight loss. It’s definitely NOT all about the numbers on the scale. My friend Cyndi wrote a very poignant post about this yesterday. Sometimes the scale doesn’t matter at all and for our own health, we need to step away from it.

You know that I have found that when I’m exercising regularly and eating pretty well, I am so happy about the way I feel, that the scale doesn’t really matter to me at all.

But a few weeks ago I really needed to face the truth that my weight had been stuck to the same 5-pound range for a couple of years, and that stagnation wasn’t make me happy … and I was worried that number would slowly start to creep up.

So enter Weight Watchers! It’s a program I’ve been on before (a few times) and I trust it’s structure while still allowing me some freedom.

The way it works for me now is I have 39 points to eat each day, plus 49 points to use throughout the week at my discretion.

I used the app on my phone to track what I eat, and it’s fairly easy! The app includes a bar code scanner so I can easily record some foods, and I started using my measuring cups and food scale more often now so I can estimate other foods more accurately.

This is my blank page for today. As you can see, it syncs with my FitBit tracker, too!

This is my blank page for today. As you can see, it syncs with my FitBit tracker, too!

There’s still some estimation going on, especially when I go out to eat, but I try not to eat all of the extra points we get, so if I underestimate on occasion, it tends to work out.

In fact, I’ve lost weight every week so far!

weight loss

It looks like I skipped a weigh-in there, though I swear I didn’t! Strange!

Funny side story: My scale at home started out at the same place as the Weight Watchers scale. Now my scale at home says I’m 7 pounds down … this one 3.6. I’m trying to just not weigh myself at home anymore and go with the WW scale only. Funny how they’re different but started out the same!

I have found that the trick for me is to not eat all of those extra points, as I stated above, but also not to eat back all of my activity points. Now, I do eat some of those, and that’s how the program is supposed to work. It has allowed me to grab a burger with my husband or enjoy Mexican food with my girlfriends from work. That freedom is what I like about the Weight Watchers plan.

But the results are still there. At first I was a little discouraged not to drop, say, 5 pounds the first week. But I know that I wasn’t eating too horribly before this, so a dramatic change probably wasn’t in the cards.

To see the scale go down consistently for three weeks in a row, though, that is a dramatic change for me!

I’m happy with the progress so far, and I will keep you up to date. My focus is still to eat in a balanced way while exercising regularly and drinking lots of water. And not getting down when the week inevitably comes that I don’t lose weight — that’s another goal. I want to keep a healthy body image at the core of what I’m doing, and not beat myself up.

I was so proud of my dear friend Sherri for posting about her growing body positivity, and I want to keep that feeling at the front of all I try to do for myself.

Look for some meal and snack updates on Instagram, and please share any ideas with me that you have, too!


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