30 Things I Love Right Now

  1. Listening to the rain fall. 2. Being warm and dry in my house. 3. Bass fishing tournaments. 4. Adele’s “Hello” on repeat. 5. Visits from old friends. 6. Making plans with new friends. 7. Cheerios. 8. “The Big Bang Theory.” 9. Reading “Secrets of a Charmed Life.” 10. Catching up with my parents. 11. Football season. 12. Driving big trucks. 13. Driving my new, teeny-tiny Honda Civic. 14. New leopard print flats by Dr. Scholls. 15. Preparing for Thanksgiving. 16. Preparing for Christmas. 17. Friends who keep you accountable. 18. Friends who inspire you with their running goals — and exceeding them! 19. Clementines. 20. See Jane Write founder Javacia’s daily Periscopes. 21. Cuddling. 22. Reading “Big Magic.” 23. White wine. 24. Macklemore’s new song. 25. SnapChats that make you laugh. 26. Cheap Old Navy rain boots. 27. Pictures of my niece. 28. Goals. 29. #bloglikecrazy. 


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