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Photo by Nika Photo

Photo by Nika Photo

I am Jennifer, a 35-year-old woman living in Birmingham, Ala. I’m a Jersey girl at heart, but I love living in the Magic City with my husband and the friends I’ve made here in the South. I’ve lived in nine different states, plus London, and worked for some top-notch publications (Southern LivingWomen’s Wear Daily/W magazine) as a writer and copy editor. Now I am loving my role as assistant editor at a bass fishing magazine.

I’ve struggled with my weight for as long as I remember, my highest weight being 289 pounds. At the end of 2009, at about 275, I started counting calories and exercising regularly, finally finding some success in this ongoing battle. After learning I may be pre-diabetic in early 2010, that success became even more important to my overall health. It’s still a challenge, and the scale definitely moves up and down instead of just down, but I now live a more active, healthy and balanced life than I ever have. And learning to love myself — flaws and all — is my ultimate goal.

My Mission

I want to use this blog as a source of motivation — for myself and for my readers — to find the strength to become stellar people, on the inside and the outside. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, wanting to become more physically fit or learning to dress in a way that expresses your personality, I hope this can be a place for encouragement, support and the exchange of ideas.

I believe that finding peace with your own body — and by that I mean the full body: brain, heart, soul and the physical body that moves us through our world each day — is an important step in finding success in this life because if you can’t love yourself and move yourself forward, no one else will. It’s time to look at doing good things for ourselves as actually doing good for others in our lives. This blog will be a place where we can learn and explore how to live a stellar life — fashionably.

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Me at 275 pounds — still stylin'!

New York City, August 2009

After my first half marathon, April 2011.

After my first half marathon, April 2011.

Lake George, 2011, at 230 pounds.

Lake George, New York, August 2011

On my wedding day, May 2014.

On my wedding day, May 2014.

To learn more about me, read here and here.


21 thoughts on “About Me | Contact

  1. laladylu

    You are beautiful! I congratulate you on being a fighter. Instead of sitting around sulking you are actively finding how to lead a more healthy lifestyle. 🙂 good for you

  2. Heather W

    Thanks for this blog, especially the weigh-in. I’m struggling to lose what started as 30 lbs, and has now become almost 40 lbs. I’m glad I’m not alone in the ups and downs.

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  4. W

    Hi ! I am so happy to have found your blog!I am also in BHM, also just started WW and was searching mama goldberg points and found you!! How funny it is because I also opened your page with Dirty girl pics and there is my sister running along with you 🙂 I look forward to your updates!
    best of luck!

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  6. Kristin Bodt

    I have been loving your inspiring site! My name is Kristin and I am a fitness ambassador for iTRAIN. I will be following your updates and am happy to connect with you anytime about fitness and wellness. I hope you will check out the iTRAIN website at http://www.itrain.com and give me your thoughts. I think you will love what we are all about– fitness and motivation when and where our clients want it!

    Kind regards,
    Kristin Bodt

    p.s. we just launched our free “Slim Down” app for iPhone available from iTunes! 😉

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