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Healthy Reads & Inspiration

I’m back! The last couple of weeks were busy, especially the fun-filled week I spent working at the 2015 GEICO Bassmaster Classic presented by GoPro in Greenville, S.C.

classic pic

This is the biggest bass fishing tournament of the year, and I’m proud of my coworkers for pulling it off in such a great fashion every year! Good times were had by all, including a few glasses of wine and a few chicken tenders, handfuls of trail mix and shared desserts. Needless to say, I’m working on getting back to a better place eating-wise, and I stocked up on groceries to make lunches and dinners this week. Luckily I did a whole lot of walking at the Classic, including one run on the treadmill before the days got too hectic. I forgot to wear my FitBit on one of my busiest days, but other than that I totaled roughly 60,000 steps in six days. That means I met my goal each day!

But I’m looking for the inspiration and motivation to jump back into watching calories; eating more whole, clean foods; and getting back into working out — with a newfound dose of energy.

Here’s a few articles to get amped up for the week!

Here’s a piece I wrote recently on a boot camp-style gym in Homewood, Ala.: Boot camp classes find home in Homewod

And an interview I did with Sophie Gray for HellaWella.com about her downloadable high-intensity workouts and nutrition advice.

The Truth About Detoxing from Women’s Health. I’ve always wondered if detoxing really works, so this article opened my eyes a bit!

Looking for some new workout gear? Here’s some great plus-size brands from Buzzfeed: 11 Awesome Brands For Plus-Size Workout Clothes

Let these blogs help you learn to love your body — Love the skin you’re in: 9 uplifting body-positive blogs from Mashable.

Some recipes from Pinterest I hope to try soon:

Tex-Mex Breakfast Sandwich
I think I could make these ahead of time and add avocado and salsa just before eating each morning.
Turkey & Laughing Cow Cheese Wrap
I’m not a fan of cucumber, but I would substitute celery or lettuce for some crunch. I can’t believe I never thought of using Laughing Cow cheese on a sandwich or wrap before!
Creamy Avocado Chicken Salad
I think I could leave the mayo out of this altogether and just use avocado to make it “creamy,” then eat this in a lettuce wrap or atop lettuce as a salad.

I hope you have a happy, healthy week!

photo 1 (49) photo 2 (48) photo 3 (34)


#Bloglikecrazy Reads & Inspiration

Happy Sunday, y’all!


Today is the last day of the #bloglikecrazy challenge that our fearless leader, Javacia, gave to the See Jane Write members for November. I have to say, I have been really happy with my posts for November — and I hope you have, too! You might say, “Why do you sound surprised that that’s the case?” Well, I had a lot of fear that I wouldn’t have something to write about each and every day! But as Javacia reminded us when we started out with a #bloglikecrazy kickoff on Nov. 1, writing each day is a practice, and you really do grow with it as you do it each day.

I learned a few things this month that I wanted to share with you, if you are a blogger yourself or you’re trying to tackle a project that takes daily diligence. Here’s what I learned:

1. You do have the time. Some days you may only have 30 min. to dedicate to your goal, other days you may be able to take a couple of hours. But each day, you really can find the time. Same goes for working out! We just need to plan accordingly.

2. It’s the people, in my case my readers, who make the difference. Engaging with all of you on a daily basis as been a great release for me. Whether you’ve written to me in the comments or responded on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, I love hearing your thoughts on something I’ve written and it often fuels me to write something else! My number of subscribers has grown since the start of this month, as have my daily readers and followers on all of my social media networks, and for that I am truly, truly grateful.

3. Writing is therapy. For me, it’s my outlet. Others may like to do craft projects, take photographs or play an instrument. Writing is where I channel my creativity and it’s freeing to spend some time each day focusing on that and on, hopefully, improving that skill. It has been gratifying to work on that every day!

4. You mean more to others than you realize. Whether you listen to a friend or loved one on the telephone, or you help a friend by watching her kids or, in my case, maybe I’ve put into words something someone else has been feeling and now she knows she’s not alone — all of those things bond us to other humans and mean probably more than we know. There’s a lot of value in helping others feel that someone else knows what it’s like to be in their shoes. I’ve heard from a few of you that some of the things I’ve written have touched you and that is the No. 1 reason why I blog. Because we all have our struggles and our ups and downs, but knowing there’s someone else out there who understands or can help, that makes it OK.

So, thank you for a wonderful month! I’m really hoping to keep this consistency up because, for the reasons above, I have found it so enjoyable to write more often. Thank you for fueling that!


And, because I have some lovely blogger friends who have written some great posts this month, too, I wanted to share a few of them here:

Javacia at See Jane Write: What should I include in my blog’s media kit?
What are your thoughts on the Ferguson grand decision?

Tanya at All In Stride: I Don’t Care That You Hate My 13.1 Sticker
Do Vegans Fart More? And Other Diet Questions

Sherri at YouGotRossed: That Time I Spent The Night In Jail

Jessica at Spiffy Eats & Giggle Water: Winterize Your Pantry

Kelly at Inspire Fitness: Lessons Learned From The Vulcan 10k

Chanda of Chanda Temple Writes: Wednesday’s Word

Clair at See Clair Write: How Not To Live Your Dreams

Edward at Soul In Stereo: Beyonce Wasn’t High At The Brooklyn Nets Game, But You Might Be

Healthy Reads & Inspiration

It’s a bit dreary and rainy here in Birmingham today, so I’m curled up reading and writing. If you’re doing the same, here are some great articles to start off Thanksgiving week keeping your health and fitness in mind, including a workout circuit that I would like to try out.


Women’s Health: The 7-Move 7-Minute Circuit That Blasts Fat Fast

PopSugar.com: Do These 10 Things In Your Kitchen To Lose Weight

Health: 14 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Right Now

Women’s Health: New App Shows What 200 Calories Actually Looks Like


WebMD: 4 Tips To Keep Off Holiday Pounds


How are you planning to stay active this week? Do you have a plan for Thanksgiving Day, or are you taking that as a treat day?

Healthy Reads & Inspiration

This Sunday I want to tell you about a book I’ve been reading off and on for a few months now: “What Are You Hungry For?” by Deepak Chopra.

deepak chopra

Here is part of the book’s summary via Amazon.com:

What are you hungry for? Food? Love? Self-esteem?  Peace? In this manual for “higher health,” based on the latest findings in both mainstream and alternative medicine, Deepak Chopra creates a vision of weight loss based on a deeper awareness of why people overeat — because they are trying to find satisfaction and wind up using food as a substitute for real fulfillment. Repudiating the failed approaches of crash dieting and all forms of deprivation, Chopra’s new book aims directly at the problem of finding fulfillment. When that problem is solved, he argues, normal eating falls into place automatically, and the entire system of mind and body achieves what it really desires.

So far I’m really enjoying the book, and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they have a poor relationship with food and if you over-eat at times. I think the way Chopra explains how our brain processes our desire for food is right on. He preaches the necessity of “awareness,” which is also on point:

Awareness is the key to weight loss, once you train yourself to notice the natural signals present in the body at any moment. It takes times and repetition to cause long-term imbalances to shift, but they will. You are the choice-maker who can create any change you desire.

I LOVE the idea that we are the choice-makers. We are in control of what we eat and how much we eat. The choice is ours, and we just need to learn to become aware of those choices and how they will affect our bodies and our health.

If you’re looking for a good read to help you become more aware of why you’re over-eating, I’d highly recommend this book (and I thank my friend Kavi for recommending the book to me!). I’ll continue to share insights that I gain as I finish reading this book.

Here are a few inspirational thoughts to start off your week. Have a good one!

photo 1 (33)

photo 2 (32)

Healthy Reads & Inspiration

I missed this week’s Reads post because, well, I slept in! And yesterday I decided to write about the frustrating experience I had with a certain chevron-printed shirt. But now you can read these interesting articles when you need a distraction at work, instead! You’re welcome.


First, an inspiring video that really made me think about how what we say influences the next generation. We are the ones who can help them have confidence and not attack their bodies in negative ways.

EatThis.com: 20 Habits Skinny People Live By
I found some of these to be enlightening, and some of these to be very “duh.”

HuffingtonPost.com: What A Healthy Snack Looks Like Around The World
Fascinating! I want to take a cue from Italy; that snack looks delish!

Sweet! Reasons why you should walk it out:
MayoClinic.org: Can I Lose Weight If Walking Is My Only Exercise?
Love that this article points out the importance of diet when losing weight, but in general says that walking is a great way to help weight loss and help maintain it.
Health.com: 10 Ways To Walk Off Fat Faster
Great ideas to help increase the intensity of your walks!


HuffingtonPost.com: 5 Training Tips For First-Time 10K Runners
I am running my third 10K — known as “The Vulcan” around these parts — and I can’t wait! It’s a good distance for me because it’s challenging, but it’s easier on my feet and knees than a half marathon. At least for now!

Women’s Health: Can Strong Arms Make You A Better Runner?
I’ve often wondered this myself, but thankfully I like to work on my arms! My core … that’s another issue!

MyLifeWellLoved.com: 10 Tips For Your First Pure Barre Class
This article actually comes from fellow local blogger, Heather. I took Pure Barre with her quite a while ago, and I’d like to do it again soon. So when I came across this article on her blog, I read it thoroughly. Great tips!


What good health-related articles have you come across this week?

Healthy Reads & Inspiration

This week, I only have a couple articles for you because I have a lot to say about both of them. So, let’s get started.

NYTimes.com: Artificial Sweeteners May Disrupt Body’s Blood Sugar Controls
Well, shit. This is what certain people have been telling me for a long, long time: Diet Coke is the devil. I’m still trying to kick this habit (again), and I probably won’t ever give it up forever. I’ll always want one now and then. But by and large, it really is time to recognize the damage artificial sweeteners seem to do to our bodies. I will admit that I do feel hungrier on days that I’ve had Diet Coke … that desire for an afternoon snack is much, much more pronounced. But this study that shows that mice that consumed artifical sweeteners “developed marked intolerance to glucose,” that actually scares me. And then there’s the study they did on humans: “For 381 nondiabetic participants in the study, the researchers found a correlation between the reported use of any kind of artificial sweeteners and signs of glucose intolerance.” The danger with glucose intolerance is that it, as the article states, “may disrupt the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, causing metabolic changes that can be a precursor to diabetes.”Wow. Well, there’s the only reason you need to stay away from artificial sweeteners! To find out that consuming artificial sweeteners — which are/were supposed to be better for us than real sugar —contributes to something that can cause diabetes is aggravating because I’m sure we all thought we were doing something better for ourselves than drinking real Coke. But this is definitely an eye-opener.


WashingtonPost.com: Women’s greatest threat isn’t misogyny, it’s counting calories
I’m not sure how I missed this article, which was published a couple of weeks ago, but I’m sure glad I found it. The author’s story of how she battled her own eating disorder is really touching, and her point that women spend more time thinking about how they look as opposed to, say, saving the world, is startingly accurate, in my opinion. I myself spend too much time thinking about my weight, calories, exercise, etc., when I could be working on my career or doing something good for others. But forget my trivial brain, Vanessa Garcia makes a much more compelling and important argument that not only are we spending too much brain power on counting calories, we’re actually losing women to this plight. As Garcia states in the article:

In a 2008 survey by SELF magazine and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 75 percent of women reported disordered eating patterns, 37 percent regularly skipped meals to lose weight, and 26 percent cut out entire food groups.

It saddens me that we would feel so strongly, or that society has made us feel this strongly, about our own appearance that we’ve developed these unhealthy attitudes about food and our bodies, so much so that it’s holding us back in our lives. As Garcia points out:

We can’t close gender gaps when we spend endless hours counting calories instead of cracking glass ceilings.

quote_stellar fashion

What did you think about these articles? Anything interesting that you read this week?

Healthy Reads & Inspiration

The end of this past week was rough for me. I tend to get bad headaches when storms move in, so that wasn’t fun. And I was really busy, with fun stuff, thankfully! But busy. So you know I’m looking forward to doing a little bit of #lazySunday reading. Besides continuing to read “#girlboss,” I found a few great reads to share with y’all, too!


HellaWella.com: Maximize nutrition, minimize cost: A guide to eating healthy & cheap
Great tips in this article!

Health.com: 7 Workout Habits You Should Drop Now
I thought No. 1 was interesting and a little unexpected, and I am definitely guilty of Nos. 2 and 4.


NYTimes.com: A Sleep Sweet Spot
This made me glad that I get seven to eight hours of sleep most nights!

Vogue.com: Anna Wintour on Brooklyn, the Rumors, and the One Thing She Will Never Wear
OK, so this isn’t a health-related article, or necessarily inspirational, but y’all know I love fashion and as a journalist, I am loving the 73 Questions interviews on Vogue.com. They’re brilliant! And of course I was excited for an inside look at Anna. Her unauthorized biography “Front Row” is also fabulous, if you want a deeper look at her life.

HellaWella.com: A Q&A with the authors of “The Calories In, Calories Out Cookbook”
This cookbook is an interesting concept! I like the idea of knowing the calories in a dessert so you can aim to burn it off at the gym. However, it may also lead me to be even more obsessed about calculating numbers!


Have you read any good health-related articles lately?